Who We Are

We are Sandra & Laurent, a husband and wife team from Switzerland.
We love to travel and to explore all kinds for fresh food tastes!
We leave Asia after almost 20 years for new adventures in Canada with our family of 4!

What matters to us

Living a healthy lifestyle has been our passion for many years and we still enjoy many pleasures of life!
What matters to us is to live a happy, healthy and fun filled life and encourage others to join our path!
Sharing this passion with others is what drives us forward.

What we do

Through Evergood Health we share our passion for

… fresh salads, juices, healthy shots and snacks …

… health coaching and nutrition advise through our network of trusted and experienced partners …
… many more ideas to be shared … so watch this space and come visit us regularly!


Want to share something with us or want to join our journey

Get in touch with us and get inspired by clicking here