How a Health Coach will help you

A Health Coach is a wellness professional whose main goal is to guide you to reach your health and wellness goals, such as dealing with stress, improving your sleep, boosting energy, weight loss, and more. Your Health Coach will create a safe space for you to explore your health, and will guide you towards behavior and lifestyle changes that can be sustained for the long-term.

What you can expect

Your Health Coach will work very closely with you to identify areas in your life that can be improved over time. Together, we will discuss ways to change, eliminate or introduce habits into your life that will make a difference.

Thanks to the safe space your Health Coach is creating, you will be supported throughout the process in a challenging and uplifting way.

Our offering

You will be partnering with successful and experienced Health Coaches. Our goal is to help you make positive and sustainable lifestyle changes to improve your overall well-being.

Whilst many of our clients prefer individual meetings, we also offer group meetings for the more cost conscious individual. The meetings are held in person as well as online.

How Health Coaching works at Evergood Health

One of our founders is a graduate from IIN. We therefore follow the concept and philosophy of IIN, which has worked beautifully for countless individuals like you. After an introductory meeting (free of charge), you will be meeting your Health Coach twice per month for 50 minutes each time, for the duration of 6 months in total. Through experience we have learned that this an ideal duration to build a trusted relationship with your Health Coach and to achieve positive and sustainable changes in your life.

Once the 6 months are over, and depending on your progress and additional goals, we are happy to renew the agreement for another 6 months, just as some clients have been working with Health Coaches for many years…


Next steps

Your Health Coach is waiting for you! Are you ready to take the next step? Click here to get in touch and start your path to ever good health!

We will respond to you within the next 1 -2 business days.

By the way…

If you are looking for in-depth nutritional and dietary advise, working with a Nutritionist might just be what you are looking for.

Please click here to find out more about the specific nutrition offering at Evergood Health.